bosco, we meet again… – ‘pacer’ ep free download

September 7, 2011

Brittany Bosco… She graced us with an amazing EP, ‘Spectrum’, in 2009 then disappeared without a trail of new tracks to sustain us until her polished return. Finally she’s released a concept EP, ‘Pacer’, that takes you along a journey from Atlanta to California in a 1973 Pacer. Boasting a sound distinctly different from ‘Spectrum’, which is comprised of a blend of rock and jazz, it vibes more along the lines of psychedelic, new age and experimental. This EP definitely takes you along for a ride.

Contributor: LoveRainy

‘Pacer’ EP
With 6 tracks, ‘Pacer’ feels complete as a concept EP. From beginning to end it flows and seems to transition from one track to the next smoothly. From start to finish each tracks takes you into different variations of the same euphoric groove set by “King of the Land”. ‘Pacer’ is heavily sound oriented, with Bosco seemingly serenading each cord along with a softer sound than we’ve experienced from ‘Spectrum’. The only gripe I have with ‘Pacer’ is the lack of vocal showmanship throughout. With ‘Spectrum’ she showcased her vocal ability with great range and style, but with ‘Pacer’ her voice is either outshone by the music or distorted to complement her newly adapted sound. All in all, it’s obvious a lot of artistic passion went into this EP, which speaks volume to her dedication to her craft.

Although, I’m a fan of her earlier work I am just as enthused about her development in sound and style. Bosco is definitely one to watch.

Download the ‘Pacer’ EP here.

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