toro y moi – “how i know”

August 5, 2011

Toro Y Moi’s latest video is a mini ghost movie, fun and creepy at the same time!
From the album “Underneath The Pine”, p + c 2011 Carpark Records
Catch Toro Y Moi Live at the 2011 Afro-punk Festival
director: jordan kim
executive producers: stephen buchanan, jamie kohn rabineau
producer: jonathan montepare
dp: chris saul
cast: kyle mooney, daniel franzese, ashkahn shahparnia, bebe zeva,
rebecca coleman
costumes: natalie toren
production designer: todd fjelsted
ad: alex jacobs
choreographer: mecca andrews
title design: ashkahn shahparnia
animation/fx: cris shapan, michael wingate, laura darlington, jordan kim