rockstar in training: recording party & ap fest fashions

August 15, 2011

I’m so stoked to attend the Afro Punk fest, you guys. I’m almost equally as excited about rocking some blazin’ hot outfits that project my Modern American Princess style. Guess what else Afro-punks? I’m recording my first solo single!! I’m recording my rock anthem, “We Party ‘Cause We’re Alive,” specifically for offering it up to you & yours at the Afro-punk Festival. I’ll also sell it Pay What You Want style, on the interwebs.

Words by Pam Newman

This week, Patrick Joyce, a very talented bassist and drum player sat down with me in a rehearsal studio, and we jammed together and created the exact drum lines I was hoping to hear for this song. We Party is a song filled with badassery, debauchery and a bluesy time signature. All of this adds up into a song that makes you either jump up and down, finish someone else’s drink or shake your rump uncontrollably. Personally, I can say it’s caused me to do all of the above. Sorry guys. I can’t help that these are the effects of this song. Ingest with caution.

I’m really stoked about this, because I have been working so hard on creating all this awesome new music, and I want to lube up everyone’s ears with a slick wet willie. Uh, maybe that’s a bad turn of phrase. Wet willies are pretty disgusting. I guess it’s more like I want to give you a musical hickey? First I’ll give you that sententious feeling of having soft lips on your neck, and afterwards you’ll have a visual reminder that reminds you of the experience later on. Maybe you sport it with pride, maybe you rock it in private and trace it with your finger, remembering that sweet encounter. So the awesomeness of this song will set your senses erect. Then you’ll have that musical hickey you can’t help but keep checking at in the mirror, and put the song on repeat.

Okay, maybe I’ve gone a little far with the hickey metaphor. But trust me when I tell you that We Party is an earworm.

Recording the drums and bass with Patrick was a lot of fun. He was almost the bassist in my previous band! He saw the ad I had posted on craigslist for a bassist and/or drummer, and he thought about replying, and before he could, I took the ad down. I’m so glad that Patrick replied when I asked if anyone wanted to work with me on my solo project, because I think he’s a lot of fun to work with and very helpful. We were able to come up with a great new sound as well as giggle a little bit here and there.

I also just bought one of the outfits I’ll wear to the Afro-punk fest yesterday! I’m so excited about it. It’s really cute, and I can’t wait for you guys to see it. This outfit totally fits in to the Modern American Princess style I’m developing for my stage persona. The Modern American Princess is a girl who rocks all retro inspired looks, but can get casual when the time is appropriate. I really want to emulate fashions from the 40’s and post-war era because those styles were based on having to conserve. Simlar times are upon us, and although we don’t have to take rations of skinny jeans and tank tops, we should totally reduce, reuse and recycle. And that includes clothing.

Keepin’ it awesome every day,
Your rockstar in training
Pam Newman

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