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(un)heard: transmasculine people of color speak!

May 6, 2011

“The past two decades have seen an increase in conversation about transmasculine experiences and identities. However, the experiences of transmasculine people of color are often ignored, unaddressed, misunderstood and unheard. (Un)heard: Transmasculine People of Color Speak! is an audio/visual ethnographic project about the lives and experiences of transmasculine people of color.”

Project by Asher Kolieboi
Goal: to bring about more acceptance and knowledge about Transmasculine people in communities of color, while shedding light on issues of race and racism within the greater trans community. Find out how you can support below.

By utilizing in-depth audio interviews and intimate portraits, (Un)heard seeks to move transmasculine of color identities and community from margin to center and addresses issues of personal triumph, loss, desire, community, relationships and discrimination.

How is this project different from other photo projects? (Un)heard is an audio visual installation that seeks to move beyond the traditional photography exhibition. (Un)heard uses interviews as an intervention into “body centric” understanding of the trans experience. Images of trans bodies are often overrepresented, reinforcing the centralization of the body in transgender community discourse while marginalizing the diverse voices and experiences of trans people.

We’ll be in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Washington DC and New York City in June. We would like to capture the diversity of the transmasculine people of color community but we can’t do that without your support!!”

If you would like to support the project, Asher launched a Kickstarter campaign and says: “The funds will go to travel and equipment expenses! Please support trans* artists! If we don’t tell our stories, who will? Our goal is $1,500 by June 2”.

Xavier in Pittsburgh