lois lane attempts being black for a day

March 21, 2011
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The 70s.  Oh, the 70s.  That interesting time in U.S. history when white people and black people were legally segregated and everyone hated everyone.  But what the 70s did spawn was inspiration for several things aside from just The Civil Rights Movement and the afro.  Out of the 70s came this Superman comic, when Lois Lane wanted to see what it would be like to be black for a day.  As the story goes, Lois attempts to speak to people on the black side of town, but no one will speak to her because she’s white.  She figures, hey, if I was black, I would be able to report on the black community because they would trust me more.  So, her lover, Superman, puts her in a machine, and viola, she’s colored for 24 hours.  Things are great for Lois until she leaves her house and realizes that people are treating her different because of her skin complexion.  This comic is from Lois Lane 109 and was written by, a white guy, Robert Kanigher, who probably fantasized what it would be like to spend a day black himself.  Because, I mean, who wouldn’t.  You know, go through racism and all.  Well, Lois handles it well.  Check her out.