film photo essay: birth 0f a hero with musician, jesse boykins iii + muse, melissa lyde

March 7, 2011

Aside from his smooth voice, up-and-coming singer, Jesse Boykins iii has impeccable style and this ferocious crown of hair.  I found Jesse while browsing through some images on Facebook (you know how you get lost looking through random people’s albums), and knew I had to photograph him for this film project I’ve been working on for the last two months.  When I finally met with Jesse, it turns out that he’s been on the road with Theophilus London and is this really nice guy.  I challenged him when he told me he spent part of his childhood in Jamaica, until he quickly broke his soft spoken Brooklyn accent and transitioned to patois.  I told him we had to go out for some jerk chicken and chat music once it warmed up outside, but until then we just enjoyed the shoot with my muse, Melissa Lyde, in Prospect Park.


Film Photo Essay:  Birth 0f a Hero

Musician, Jesse Boykins iii + Muse, Melissa Lyde

Photographer Whitney Summer for


(Jesse Boykins iii with Theophilus London)