tattoo of the week: it just adds to your cool

January 5, 2011

We know her as the ferocious (Bjork inspired) vocalist for the newly formed Brooklyn band, Galaxy of Tar.  When she’s out and about, people give her second and third looks.  “Are you that girl from America’s Next Top Model?” the brave curious ones ask.  If you happened to catch cycle 4 of ANTM, Naima Mora was known as the smart introverted girl with the mohawk, who cleared at the site of expected model drama.  In person, she’s still quite reserved, until she gets on stage with her band mates and transforms into a hair tossing energetic powerhouse.  Her band even joined us for the Afro-punk 2010 festival at Commodore Barry Park.  Maybe her tattoos add to her cool, the bold thick font works so well on her arms.  She gave us an exclusive about her five tattoos, some inspired by Mayan Hieroglyphs.  And don’t forget to send us pictures of your tattoos to be a featured tattoo to


Tattoo of the week: It just adds to your cool

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Naima Mora






Brooklyn, NY

Naima on stage with Galaxy of Tar



Vocalist for Galaxy Of Tar / Model

How many tattoos do you have?


Which one is your favorite?

The tattoo on my right fore arm is my favorite.


When and where did you get it?

Here in NYC. I don’t remember the name of the shop, but Becca Roach was the artist.

What does it mean to you?

“Precious Things Are Words Spoken Of The Serpent Tongue” These are Mayan Hieroglyphs.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

I think eighteen or nineteen.

Do you have a particular tattoo artist you go to?
I don’t have a specific artist that i go to. All my tattoos have been by different artists because I normally just like to walk in and get them done. Not such a good idea all the time. I have one on my left fore arm that was done by some drunk brazilian guy… the ink bled and some of the lines are a little shaky. But it always adds for a good story.


Have you ever received a tattoo under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
Um… yes… well i was out drinking with some friends when i got my first one, but after that not at all.

Do you regret any tattoos you have?
I try not to regret anything.

Are you a tattoo addict?
I love tattoos, but if i were a real addict i would be covered in them!