shingo says: odd future wolf gang kill them all.

January 5, 2011

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: best band name ever. I’m reminded of all the obnoxiously long band names like “Panic! at the Disco, “Show Them What the Back of Our Hands Are For”, etc. Names that are so terrible, they’re rad. Except this band’s name is offensive, which makes is way better.

Shingo Says: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them ALL.

I’m not cool enough to say swag. swag.

But they’re not really a band. They’re a collection of misfit skaters/rappers that make up the LA based Wolf Gang/ Golf Wang who terrorize the streets and Internet. There is “front man” Tyler The Creator and his co-conspirator Earl Sweatshirt who together rally the rest of Odd Future who come and go, add on, and later disappear without warning. They’re 18. They’re friends. They’re just so happen to be awesome, as well.


I’m late writing to you about Odd Future, but it’s taken me some time to wrap my head around the intentions and motives of the group of 10+ cali kids who make up the Wolf Gang. In the end, all the analytical reasoning and snobbish fine tuning was a waste of time. The bands motif is simply “fuck you” and they mean just that. FUCK. ME. AND. YOU. fuck your analytical reasoning. download our mixtape. Our bad, Odd Future. swag.

The Odd Future takeover is reminiscent of NWA’s debut in the early 90s. It came out of nowhere, and now we’re all trapped. Nice girls are getting naughty, boring dudes get punched in the face, and parents have no fucking clue what’s happening to our society. Our beautiful and perfect society. Stand-up citizens are screaming It’s an OUTRAGE! while vanguard youth set shit on fire, riot in the streets, and fuck in public. I for one, feel refreshed! they’re inventing something new that we’re going to be talking about 10 years from now, even if this “swag movement” only lasts until the summertime.

If you’ve ever tried to say “swag” unironically, chances are you felt like an idiot and laughed at yourself before someone got the chance to tell you to “shut the hell up saying swag.” I tried it one time, and then remembered I’m 24 years old and have no business drinking Lean either. I’m not that cool.



The only people allowed to say swag as punctuation, are Tyler, Earl and the rest of the Odd future golf wang. (And Lil B too, cause apparently he’s Miley Cyrus AND Bill Clinton in one person. swag) The Boys have put out over 10 mixtapes in 2010 alone, and landed at number 23 on XXL top 100 Mixtapes of 2010. Not bad for some 18 year olds who rap about killing neighbors, fucking Santa Claus, and everything else badass skater kids joke about. it’s pretty hilarious in a sick-666-sick nails-in-your-eyelids-kind-of-way. First time I heard “French” I was alllike “YEA! FUCK SHIT UP”. Cause I guess I’m a bastard too.

These fucking kids, right?!

but then I heard Tyler’s anthem ballad “Bastard”and became a serious fan. Deep down he seems like a hurt LA kid who skates out feelings. He’s a writer? He’s gonna slit his wrists cause he’s depressed? That’s what he said! Even though he also said he was going to kill me, and I believed him. I was left not really sure what to do. I see why these kids are misunderstood, but strangely, I know exactly what they mean. I wanted to say swag, but it felt disrespectful, so I decided to write this review instead.

My personal battle cry has always been to shake people up. Get people uncomfortable and paying attention. That’s Afropunk at the core, isn’t it? Loud unapologetic, self-expression no matter what that expression may be? judgement free. The personal and daily struggle to “get free”? Hell, I WISH I was as free as OFWGKTA at 18. I would have been so much happier, so much sooner in life. So KILL THEM ALL, BOYS! Kill the haters, the press, the wack rappers, the boring musicians. Kill them all with swag and profane lyricism. I’m officially on the side of swag. But Tyler stop tweeting (@fucktyler) for girls to send tittie pics to your yahoo address, iight. Swag. swag.

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