if it bleeds, it leads…isn’t that right?

December 3, 2010

We’re all guilty of it. There is something in us that wants to pass along negative news that will illicit a response from our friends. Many people in the Afro-punk community voice that they are tired of the tainted stigma people of color seem to be casted with, but sometimes, do you feel as though we slip into the trap of guilty pleasures as well (sending the video of the chubby black kid who stole his grandmother’s car was too much fun).

The Afro-punk staff pretty much whore ourselves in the wee hours of the night surfing the internet looking for things to continue inspiring us to run this website. One day we found this video, posted below and were shocked that we didn’t find it sooner.

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The short video, which came out last year, is an animated documentary focused on the plights that black young men in urban communities face each day- from dropping out of school to becoming rappers. Interviews range from Chris Rock, Spike Lee, and Dr. Cornel West to “Diddy” Combs, Russell Simmons, Kevin Liles, and Lupe Fiasco. “Bring Your A Game,” was a treat for us because you got a chance to see people in the music industry who normally don’t talk about how education aided their success and how important being articulate and well rounded has helped them in their careers.

So, yes…we’re a little guilty of the dirty videos, but we hope you can appreciate this one. Post and share.