erykah’s facebook posts teaser new earring line

December 17, 2010

We’re not late on discovering Erykah Badu’s newest venture, her collection of earrings called Ear Wings or Baduwings, but we just got an update via her facebook newsfeed that the entire line might be released early 2011.  Erykah’s Baduwings, which we’ve been talking about since she wore a pair herself during her Lollapalooza performance this summer, were scheduled to come out early September, but we haven’t seen or heard about the launch until this week when Erykah posted this flyer on her social networking sites:

She’s been spotted around this year wearing a pair of her pieces, calling them Functional Art for people who are in touch with their creativity and feel free enough to fly.  Check out Baduwings on the cover of Vibe magazine and her appearance at Lollapalooza.

We don’t know exactly when the launch date is scheduled, but as soon as we find out, we will be sure to let you know cost, different types of designs, and where to find a pair of you own.  Until then, keep stalking the internet for Baduwings like we are.