coco & breezy make their 20/20 collection for outer space

December 9, 2010

Minnesota was just too lame for Coco & Breezy, 20-year-old fashion designers/ entrepreneurs, who released their eye wear collection 20/20 this year. After feeling like their fashion and style was a little too out of the box for their Minnesota counterparts, last year the sister duo packed up their bags, saved their money, and moved to New York to pursue their dreams of launching a custom designed line of eye wear. When Ashanti wore a pair of their studded eye shades on their very first week living in New York, people wanted to get their hands on a pair. Now, everyone from Kelly Osborn, Niki Manaj, and Ciara have sported their tricked out shades on red carpets, parties, and on commercial shoots. To complete their look, the sisters use metal bars, different shapes, spikes, and studs in the eye wear. Coco & Breezy named their newest collection, 20/20 because, they said, their fashion is taking place on Planet C && B, in the year “2020.″

20-year-old sisters, Coco & Breezy wearing their own designs

Coco & Breezy “20/20” Collection from Corey Davis on Vimeo.

Their custom designed eye glasses will run you roughly from $75 to almost $300 and can be purchased on their website here. The duo will be releasing their spring collection, “Wear-able Art” early next year and will be adding a children’s collection, C&&B 4 kids, to their already booming collection. They update their blog regularly, so check back on their posts to stay up to date with these young designers. will be following up with these young designers when their new collection launches, so check back with us when we get the scoop.