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why don’t afro-punks hook-up??

November 12, 2010

This particular topic strikes a nerve, because it makes no sense at all. After my rant I hope you all have some answers because I am simply confused. Afro-punk’s (the documentary) main purpose was to expose issues that minorities face within a white washed scene and show each one of us within these scenes that we are not alone. A few years later the film has grown into an awesome community of die hard rock fans of color from all corners of the Earth, mission accomplished. However I notice a disturbing pattern amongst AP men and women that I can’t ignore. Allow me to explain.

Why Don’t Afro-Punks Hook-up?

Words Amber Alexander

Amber and her boyfriend, Mike, who met on

At the AP fest 2010 in Brooklyn, lots of gorgeous people came out to support their favorite bands and have a great time. There were punks galore with sick ink, piercings, cool outfits and shit. Yet barely anyone seemed to mingle. Call me delusional if you want, but I witnessed it first hand with my own two eyes. I did notice hell of a lot of interracial couples though, which is fine diversity is beautiful but the afro-punk guys and gals appeared to completely ignore each other. I leaned back against a tall gate under the blazing sun and observed non-black girls by the skating ramp getting lustful stares while fellow AP females received nothing but two second glances. Oh don’t think you ladies are exempt, I saw y’all drooling over Dave Navarro look-a-likes meanwhile Lajon Witherspoon’s long lost twin brother was being overlooked. What gives?

More recently I ran into a black metal head dude on the bus in my neighborhood and he was so eager to chat with me. Quite frankly I was shocked because I’m so used to getting the boot from guys like him plus we were in the middle of Canarsie, Brooklyn. We spent half our ride discussing music, his badass d.i.y. jacket, and my love for bad brains. Needless to say, it got pretty loud in there. He also mentioned that he had a hard time dating black girls in the scene because they only like white guys. I told him my boyfriend is just like him; a black guy into metal and he was surprised.

Speaking of my boyfriend, outsiders assume we both date outside of our race. Then piss their pants when they see us together as if to say we are an abnormal couple. Rare? Yes. Strange? Not even. It just so happens that we are sexually attracted to both black people AND rock music. There’s more where that came from.

Too often black folks within the rock scene who are fully aware of other blacks just like them completely dismiss each other. They refuse to date, hang out, or even be associated. It is very ironic that we complain about finding fellow blacks with mutual interests to date yet when we do we run back to blondie. Maybe it’s fear of being tossed to the side or maybe most of us truly aren’t attracted to our own kind who knows. Whatever the case I do know one thing, we have a ways to go.