tattoo of the week: we digg the e-mail

November 10, 2010

For tattoo of the week, we normally post why we featured that tat for the week, but this week we liked Ariel’s e-mail that came with the photos, that we decided just to post the e-mail here. Read for yourself why this ink was chosen, aside from the sick skull and microphone ink.
Hello. My name is Ariel. I’m 18 years young from Brooklyn, NY. I’m an avid reader of Afro-Punk and love the body art featured on the site every week. I also love that it actually holds meaning for the people who are canvas to them (instead of being some trend sake thing). I’d love my art to be considered, even if not posted. I’ve pasted some pictures below. Please let me know if there’s something more I need to do. Peace, Ariel.”

Thanks Ariel for reaching out to the AP fam. If you would like your ink featured on, e-mail us at and tell us why we should show off your work.

Tattoo of the week: We digg the E-mail
Feature Ariel Natasha

Who are you?

Ariel Natasha


Brooklyn, NY

Student / Artist

Number of tattoos


Favorite one

The one I will soon get dedicated to my father.. But for now, the tattoo on my back.

When and where did you get it?

I got it when I turned 18 at New York Adorned…

What does it mean to you?

To me, it’s a symbol of inner beauty, growth and maturity. It’s also a symbol of how I feel my spoken word and emcee skills are innate gifts from God. (& my general love for skulls, butterflies, vintage things, and things associated with Hip Hop).

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
When I was 16 or 17 my mother went with me to get my first tattoo.

What is the biggest misconception people have about you because of your tattoos?

Oo boy. I get everything from goon to hipster to punk. Fuck labels. Labels suck.

Why should we feature your tattoo?

My tattoos should be featured because not only do I feel as if my tattoos hold deep meanings for me, and they’re art and my body is canvas, and all kinds of cliches, but my tattoos aren’t for some trend either. & I’d like to smash any and all misconceptions and label placement or wild opinions formed about people based on their personal choices of expression. It’s about inner beauty (and appreciating/respecting the art). It’s also about loving who you are, feeling secure in one’s vulnerability, redefining people’s idea of beauty,and being comfortable in your bare skin.

Do you have a particular tattoo artist you go to?
I def would like to continue going to Bryan at New York Adorned. He did my back tat.

Have you ever received a tattoo under the influence of drugs or alcohol?


Do you regret any tattoos you have?

Absolutely NOT.

Are you a tattoo addict?

Well.. UhHh… Yeah ^_^ … But don’t tell my mom