tattoo of the week: death be upon us

November 17, 2010

Besides the really amazing calf tattoos representing the ladder of death, this week we are featuring 22-year-old St. Mary from Dallas, TX. St. Mary, who also goes by Sick Boy, is a painter, guitarist, and does non-profit work at a non-profit orphanage. She also has an ink of the word “dead” on her hand that she has practically scrapped off of her skin (read on for more on this procedure). Thanks for your story, Sick Boy, we love the ink. And submit your tattoo images to to be our next feature of the week.

Tattoo of the Week: Death Be Upon Us
Feature St Mary

Who are you?
St. Mary/ Sick Boy


I’m 22.


Right now, Dallas, TX.


Painter/Guitarist. I’m also a wage slave at a non-profit. It’s an orphanage.

Number of tattoos


Favorite one

My “Dead.” tattoo.

When and where did you get it?

I got it at the drive through Beer Barn and tattoo shop in Denton where I used to go to University. It was right before my band (Zombie Senate) was scheduled to play a battle a few years ago.

What does it mean to you?

Basically I’d gone through a lot of messed up stuff before that point in my life. Literally everyone I knew had betrayed me or screwed me over. I was dead inside. All I had left at that point was my music. No matter what happens, it will always be there for me. I got the tattoo to remind me of what I am without it. I’m dead.

*Explanation of the funky texture-

I got the tattoo done in blood red. That night it started itching, swelling and little pussy ulcer pits formed every place the ink hit. It never healed. Turns out I’m allergic to red ink. So…I decided to take an exacto to my wrist and scrape off every layer of skin until I dug out all of the ink. Obviously, it didn’t work. Heh.

I’ll probably get it outlined in black pretty soon, just so you can read the type. I like that comes off looking like a scar though. That’s appropriate.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

19 or 20

What is the biggest misconception people have about you because of your tattoos?
None. Most people don’t even know I have them. People do tend to get a little scared when I explain the meaning of my calf tattoos though. I guess the ladder of death isn’t the most light hearted subject.

The only person I can think of who really cares one way or the other is my mom. She thinks people with tattoos are trashy, ugly, freaks. She has her own set of problems though.

Why should we feature your tattoo?

Um…no particular reason. I’m cool with it either way.

Do you have a particular tattoo artist you go to?
I went to a guy named Mike in McKinney for my Adinkra calf tatts. He’s the owner of INK Inc. My brother got some work done by the same guy and told me he was good.

Have you ever received a tattoo under the influence of drugs or alcohol?


Do you regret any tattoos you have?

No. My tattoos are part of me. To regret my tattoos would be to regret myself. And i don’t.

Are you a tattoo addict?

I would be if I wasn’t broke all the time. I really want to get “And out come the wolves…” (a la Rancid) down my side along my rib cage. I also want to get a skull and crossbones on the inside of my “Dead.” arm. Tattoos are rad.