tattoo of the week: spooked out for halloween

October 27, 2010

Just in time for Halloween, spooks, and tricks, is this week’s tattoo of the week feature of Ms. Tomorrow Dixon. Hailing from Richmond, VA, Dixon has a tattoo of American actor, Vincent Price, who is best known for his creepy ass voice and horror flicks (he was the inventor in Edward Scissorhands). She also has a really large inked owl on her arm in memory of her mother who collected owls. She admits to taking prescription Ibuprofen before getting a new tatt, we understand. Don’t forget to submit your tattoo photos to to be a feature of the week.

Tattoo of the week: Spooked out for Halloween
Feature Tomorrow Dixon

Who are you?

Tomorrow Dixon
RVA (Richmond)
Job seeking student
Number of tattoos
Good question. The two tats on my right arm kinda incorporated into a sleeve, so I really count that entire arm as one piece. I have four on my right arm, and at least 6 ideas for more floating around in my brain.

Favorite one
It’s a tie really. I <3 my owl tattoo, but I also really love my Vincent Price portrait.
When and where did you get it?
I got the owl in 2008 and Vincent Price was . . . this year or last. I have a terrible memory. I got pretty much all but one small tattoo done at Salvation Tattoo Gallery in RVA.
What does it mean to you?
The owl was a memorial tattoo for my mother, who collected owls, so of course it means a lot. The Vincent Price was because I love Vincent Price, especially his Roger Corman films. I found out later that the first horror movie my mom ever went to was House on Haunted Hill, so now it’s doubly special.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Nineteen. It was 2 Egyptian style cats and an Om symbol which many people think is a ‘3’.
What is the biggest misconception people have about you because of your tattoos?
That I’m unapproachable. It was bad enough that my height is intimidating, but add the ink, and people tend to give me weird looks and veer away. Their loss, I’m rad.
Why should we feature your tattoo?
Because I love my ink, and everyone else should too. Haha.
Do you have a particular tattoo artist you go to?
More like a particular shop. Matt Brotka and Mike Moses did most of my work, and the teapot is by Fred Pinckard. They’re all at Salvation.
Have you ever received a tattoo under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
Not unless you count prescription Ibuprofen. I take it about 20 minutes before a tattoo because my skin swells up a lot.
Do you regret any tattoos you have?
I don’t regret any of my actual work. I do regret the placement of my first tattoo.