up and coming designer: god+rock+glam = syeko

September 10, 2010
What does God look like? If you ask Brandi Lewis she would say God herself was an infusion of rock and glam. All of these are what inspires her line. God, rock and glam. One big ball of love reconstructed with paint and vintage pieces are what make this brand so amazing. Syeko first caught my eye in 2008 while hanging in a design studio in Maryland. Not only was I intrigued by the tattooed, blonde loc beauty behind the line, the clothing was also amazing. Leather, bleach, splashes of paint and vintage broaches created awesomeness. Her need to place words like “Love” and “God” on her signature pieces only highlighted the extreme presentation.

Up & Coming Designer: God+Rock+Glam = Syeko
Words Kia Chenelle

Syeko was born in Baltimore, Md and is the product of an Art Institute of Philadelphia graduate. The mind behind these creations was best known as a stylist but began her design career soon after. Creating one of kind pieces, Brandi wanted to experiment with individuality and substance. Her mission was not to create cookie cutter pieces duplicated to fit mainstream but to provide her clientele with something they could call their own. And that’s exactly what she did. In 2010 she ventured into the Atlanta territory and her pieces became an instant hit. Placed in boutique windows, she soon learned that Syeko was being worn by Kandi of the Atlanta Housewives. An avid participant in Baltimore Fashion Week and various showcases on the east coast, Brandi Lewis and Syeko are a pair to look out for.

Designer, Brandi Lewis of Syeko

Why did you decide to name the line Syeko and what does the name represent?

Syeko means to think outside the box while achieving your dreams. If you stay confined to the norm or what others expect it will be almost impossible to achieve any dream.

What is the fashion industry like in Maryland?

Baltimore has a lot of underground talented designers. We are currently paving a way for the future scene. Baltimore alone has a way of putting a twist on mainstream fashion so it’s not a surprise to many when I tell them that Syeko was born and bred in Baltimore. So many designers in Baltimore have paved the way for Syeko and for them I am forever grateful. Carl Trodgon, Image 7 Studio by Lashella Miller, and Earl Bannister are just a few of the pioneers.

What are your plans for Syeko in 2011?

My goal for 2011 is to expand Syeko in the eyes of GOD. With that being said I will exceed all expectations. I plan to get involved with numerous charities to give back. Any successful foundation begins with the art of giving. Exceeding my client’s expectations is my goal. Providing my clients with one of kind pieces embellished with love funk and bold beauty is what makes me smile so that will continue in 2011.

Who do you create for and why?
I create for the fashion forward individual that is willing, able and ready to step outside the box. That’s what I love about my clients. They’re diverse and lovers of fashion. My client is you, me, and the beautiful fashion spirit that lives within all of us.

Because Syeko claims rock, what music outside of this genre motivates you?
Music period motivates me. I come from a musical background. I grew up with a lot of gospel musicians. My family lives and breathes music. I am a diverse chick which means I love Pop, R&B, Gospel, Rap, etc. It really depends on my mood. And I’m a Gemini so you try to keep up. (smiles)

Who do you hope to see wearing Syeko?
I light up when any of my clients wear Syeko. Each client is special to me. But if I could choose a celebrity to wear Syeko I would have to say Kelis. I’ve always loved her style. She isn’t afraid to express herself through bazaar and exotic fashion. I admire that and I also respect it.

Kelis looks like a Syeko girl! Aside from her, when you first learned that Kandi of Atlanta Housewives was wearing your designs, how did you feel?
I was so happy. I was in Atlanta when I received the news. I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt so thankful that she gave Syeko a chance, and might I add, she wore it well. Thank you so much Kandi for becoming officially Syeko (laugh)

Who are your fashion and personal inspirations?
My inspiration comes from GOD. He works through me and I am very thankful. He saw something special in me and he believed that I was equipped to handle the task and I promise to never let him down. I also draw inspiration from beautiful art. Not only painting, but the art of listening to the birds chirp in the morning or seeing the flowers blossom in the spring.

Love is a major marketing tool for you and it is heavily displayed on your pieces. What does love mean to you?

Love is unconditional and forgiving. Love is you and me. Love is the strong person you see in the mirror every day. Love is your family, your friends, your passion. Love is what makes you smile in the midst of a storm. Love is everything you want it to be. If you have faith you have all the love you will ever need. Love is GOD. (smile)