contest winners announced for keith knight comic book giveaway!

September 17, 2010
Contest winners announced, yay! For those of you who missed the post, one of our fav comics, Keith Knight, recently released his first collection of his daily comic strips, The Knight Life: Chivalry Ain’t Dead. So that people could check out his work, he agreed to give away three copies of his 200 page book to three people who came up with the best caption for his original single panel drawing that he created just for

Here are the three winners. Thanks for everyone who participated in the contest. Don’t forget to check out and support Keith with his new book.

Captions that won a free copy of Keith’s book are:

“He has to be one of those artsy types…No one’s THAT strange by default.” – Jaslyn S.

“Since Super Vegan came to town, the hood just isn’t the same.” – California African

“You know what they say about brothers with big carrots.” – Skerj

To see more of Keith’s work, purchase his new book, here. Check back to for more contests coming soon!