tattoo of the week: the beauty of a tomboy

August 5, 2010

Our tattoo of the week section has taken some twist and turns over the last several weeks. When we originally considered doing this section, we planned to feature one person each week who submitted us the best images of their tattoos, however, we received an overwhelming response from our post last week of beautiful women with tattoos. One of the comments that we received in our inbox was that we only featured girlie girls with tattoos as if only girls with exposed boobs and uncanny flat stomachs (none of us who work for AP look quite as glamorous), however, we wanted to show off the edgier side of women with tattoos. Keep sending us your images to – send at least 3 pictures and explain what your tattoo(s) is (are) about, what they mean to you. Gentlemen, you are welcome to submit, too.


Tattoo of the week: The Beauty of a Tomboy

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Do you think tattoos make women look more masculine? Can tattoos actually make women look more fem? Don’t forget to e-mail us pics of your tattoos to We’re waiting for you.