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a girly girl’s perspective to being punktacular

August 9, 2010
My favorite color is pink, I never miss a nail appointment, and I’ve got enough lace panties to last me a lifetime. Where am I going with this? Let’s just say some folks try hard to revoke my afro-punk card. I feel the cold hard stares every time I attend a local concert decked out in my usual wares, texting away on my blackberry covered in Hello Kitty stickers. “What is this bourgeois bitch doing here?” girls whisper to one another. In a room full of ripped denims and spikes, there I am, the elephant in the room standing up front in a mini skirt and diamond earrings anxiously waiting for the band to start. Little does anyone even realize that I’m there for the same exact reason they are – to enjoy the music.

A girly girl’s perspective to being punktacular
Words Amber Alexander

As a subculture that enforces having an open mind, I find it a bit contradicting to reject those who don’t necessarily fit their mold of physical appearance. Every so often I catch heat from some feminist punk attempting to give me a day long lecture about my so called ‘twisted’ concept of being a woman, which includes weekly visits to the spa for a facial. There’s no official book that says in order to be a female into the alternative world you must abide by a strict set of rules. We are all entitled to create our own isn’t that what being an afropunk is about? Not living up to someone else’s expectations no matter who it is? Besides there is nothing wrong with liking Jimi Hendrix AND Chanel no. 5 okay!

So my question is this: What is so bad about being an extremely girly afro-punk? Maybe there is a misconception that just because we enjoy some of the things society claims females are supposed to we are total airheads.
Look past the armor and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how intelligent, out going, and free spirited a girl like me actually is. Not to mention how fucking rad our taste in music is as well.

After all clothes don’t make the man……..omg did my polish chip?