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dorm room diaries of a fem nerd: afro-punk 2010 festival feminists

July 19, 2010
Our favorite college student feminist is back at it with her installments of The Dorm Room Diaries of a Fem Nerd. This time, Twyla left her dorm room at Hampton University and traveled to the 2010 Afro-punk festival in Brooklyn, NY. While at the festival, Twyla chatted with several chicks who attended the festival and questioned them on their hair, fashion, DIY lifestyle, and overall punk aesthetic. Twyla, oh, Twyla, we are so happy to have your spicy views back on the site to ruffle up some good ole’ gender bender feathers. Check out Twyla’s experience at the festival below!

Dorm Room Diaries of a Fem Nerd: Afro-punk 2010 Festival Feminists
Student Twyla Cummings