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love connections on afro-punk? why not?

May 10, 2010
My response to Jill Scott’s Essence Magazine article seemed to have people up in arms as far as interracial relationships and white men/ women stealing all the “Good” black men/ women. I’ve noticed that here on Afro-Punk we have an array of men and women from different backgrounds, races, religions, etc. and it almost seems, even though we all have our different views on many many topics, that when it comes to love and relationships, especially those involving members of the opposite race, more people tend to lean towards wanting that good black man/ woman.

Love Connections on Afro-punk? Why Not?
Words Arieanna Garcia
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It kind of made me wonder. Why aren’t there many love connections on Afro-Punk then?

We all flocked to this website for the same reason. To get more in touch with our “people” and see if we shared the same experiences being black and growing up in this mainstream white society where we are the outcasts.

I know that online love probably isn’t something that tickles everyone’s fancy, but I feel that here on Afro-Punk, we’re not on here for the looking for love experience, but in the process of getting to know one another and learning from each others stories and experiences, I wonder, how many relationships or would be relationships could be formed?
Why isn’t there a group devoted to this entitled “Good Black Men/ Women looking for love.”

I mean, it almost seems as if what everyone is looking for isn’t out there. You all seem to have the same idea that the idea of bringing up the whole dating outside your race shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s a played out subject and doesn’t hold any water anymore. Love who you want to love and get over it.

As much as that is true, I feel like in the process of looking for that “Good” black man/ woman, you’ve become completely blinded by the fact that many have no idea what makes a good black man/ woman.
I mean I know as a black woman myself I am no prize, but I wouldn’t throw myself in the ” No Good” pile either. Maybe before we shoot others down for not fitting the ” perfect” model of what a Good black man/ women is, we really look at what makes someone good, and whether or not we ourselves are ” Good” enough to deserve that.