afro-punk meets the millenial: a call to the young rebels

May 31, 2010
Afro-punk Meets the Millenial! This post, by 14-year-old, Kyler Jones, is an introduction to a new Afro-punk section, Carded, dedicated to adolescent issues, i.e. suicide, peer pressure, sexual harassment, coming out, parental gripes, advice, outreach, community service, teenage employment info, and youth rights.

Afro-punk Meets the Millenial: A call to the young rebels
Featured rebel Kyler Jones

(this is actually what I look like)

The Millenial Ooze Girl as Me
You as YOu

The setting you sitting at office, home, or anywhere internet accessible viewing the afro punk website where you click on the link to a mysterious blog where a random girls face pops up in webcam session.


Welcome to the excursions and adventures of the Millenial OOze girl.

: Confused.

Welcome to my blog!

Who the hell are you? And why do you deserve to get your own blog?!”

Well, that’s what I will cover today in the simplist but most challenging way I can come up with, without the use of a thesaurus:)


The Millenial Ooze is basically a blog targeted to show the world the opinions, problems, and new things that effect the latest generation through their perspective.


Well, my perspective, since I am a fourteen year old Millenial.

Why the hell does your opinion matter anyway? You know nothing!

Yooooou’re right! WHy does the opinions of some teens matter anyway? All most of us care about is our Facebook statuses or the latest tv commercial. Well, that’s the majority of us. I’m one of the unfortunate social misfit ones who hated everyone when they were eleven, but didn’t understand why they did. Now, like a lot of kids I question everything! I mean everything! I could spend hours and hours just pondering over some quote or some jarring reality of society. I can’t help it, and sometimes I won’t eat for days just loosing my mind over something taboo and irrelevant. I realized that I needed to execute my….philosophies(ah) .

You’re crazy, bye.

: Still not getting to you?

: What is there to get- to me-….uh…Yeah. What is there for me to get?

Okay, just hold on and let me start all over.


I started this blog, basically to be a vent. You know I was a member of Afro-punk on a previous account Kyler Jones (yeah, I’m that rude chick that gets on everyones nerves), and I saw that, you know the Afro-punk community was missing a youth input. I felt like there was no voice for the people of my generation. The Afro-punk community is the majority youth, and we didn’t really have, someone to stand for us.

So I decided to become my own hero. I decided to be that person, to really show the Afro-punk community what, us teens are facing. I also wanted to express my own opinions and thoughts. I want it to be as creative as I can be. I’m not boring you with this motivational speech am I?

(Stares Blankily):

Okay, to sum it all up this is me, dishing out a new topic every month to discuss with the community, that goes on in my generation. I also plan to have an inbetween post, where I review a band or movie. It’ll be fun. You get me?


You still there?

(Wakes up, tired): I’m still here I guess. I’m still goddamn here.

: Okay, well, sorry, I have to go out and live an actual life with my real actual friends, see you in two weeks!

(Exits, screen turns black)

(Stares into screen blankily): I’ll be there. I’ll goddamn be there…