darkness kills the demons of health care

April 5, 2010

For those of you who’ve been losing your nut for Tiger Woods over the last few months, all this “boring adult stuff” will go right over your dense heads. Keep moving. Now, for the REST of you who might just give a damn, I want to talk HEALTH CARE. By the time you read this, President Obama would’ve signed historic health care legislation into law. Sounds sweet enough to use as a slogan for a successful second term, right? Well, here’s some sour facts: He only would’ve signed a “House” version into law.

Darkness Kills the Demons of Health Care
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Then the Senate will have to vote on a series of amendments and other changes (for better or worse, no one really knows) which may very well void much of what’s in the bill as it stands now. Most of it won’t kick in until 2014. It’s already facing legal challenges from [at least] 13 state’s AG’s.
It’s not Single Payer like the rest of the world has, and probably never will be. It’ll be a huge win for private insurance corps, despite the Nazi Right-wing’s hysterical gang-chants of SOCIALISM!!!!! Tens of millions of people still won’t be covered, etc.
It doesn’t completely stink though. It does have alotta good parts that are significant. Whatever we end up with has got to be better than where we are/what we’ve got NOW. Unfortunately, there won’t be any federally mandated death-panels* apparently. Which is something I was really hoping for* because I’m in damn good shape and I’m pretty sure I could’ve cleared that hurdle. Also, there won’t be any mass, mandated, federally enforced sterilizations.*
(oh, I would love to do this shit)
And what really sucks is that there’s nothing in this bill that will cover abortions, which if anything, ought to be vastly expanded*. We should have like, abortion Wal-Marts* or something. Seriously, there’s waaay too many people in this country* and some… a lot of these folks have got to go!* We should start with all the DUMBASSES.
Maybe that’s why these cracker-ass tea-bagging shit-for-brains* have been going into paranoid conniptions over so-called death panels and sterilizations, because they know they’d be the first to go. Remember, it’s not paranoia when they’re actully trying to get you. So i say, LET’S GET ‘EM!* Let me just say, i’d looooove to sit on a death panel.* I’d go to school to be able to sit on a death panel. I’d be all like Black Caligula sitting up there with my left thumb and I’d be all like “DOWN WITH YOU, BITCH**! YOU GOT’S TO GO!” heh.* Obviously, I would not go after any people of colour, though the christian ones would have to undergo some rigorous de-programming*, heh. By any means necessary.

But what a minute, we ALREADY HAVE death panels in this country. They sit within PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANIES, FUCKING HELLO (this was actually covered to surprisingly good extent in SAW VI)! As a matter of fact, the federal govt. also has a death panel [of sorts], the most well-funded one in the world. I believe it’s called, umm… oh yeah, THE DEPT. OF DEFENSE!

Which is why I was starting to fucking lose it once abortion became the single most intense hot-button issue in this debate. All of these rotten-ass tea-bagging christian fucktards*, and most Republican politicians, trying to wedge, infact totally derail, the entire health-care over-haul over whether or not federal funds will be used to pay for abortion services. And Obama appeasing CONservative “democRATS”* who oppose reproduction freedom so that he could get their measly-ass votes on this health bill was too much to stomach. Now, the last time I checked abortion was a medical procedure LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES and ALL U.S. TERRITORIES SINCE 1976!
(ya know, abortion)
So, if you’re going to place a health care bill into law that (among many other things) will require people to have insurance, then HELL YES that should include any/all LEGAL reproductive choices, geez! All of these right-wing assholes yelling and screaming about abortion are all DEAD SILENT when it comes to tax dollars being used to fund all these wars and “operations” in all these other countries that kill millions of folks every goddamn year, including post-born children! Sanctions through-out the ’90’s that murdered millions of Iraqi kids and no one said shit! Fucking hypocrites. Man, what is it with these damned christians and this fetus fetish of theirs?* This shit is getting Hella creepy!
Speaking of Hella creepy, I want to close the political section with afew links to some pretty disgusting topic-related stories:

Damos A. anno 3/24/2010

** – Meant to be a general reference to people as a whole. Does not in any way single out females.
*** – Should be regarded as purely satirical. Is not in any way meant to be anti-Semitic or hateful towards the Jewish people.