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March 2, 2010

Since it’s become evident to me that most people are too fucking ignorant to get politics I’ll keep the newsy stuff to just 2 issues this time around. I want to discuss two men: Joseph Stack & Aaron Campbell.

Original AP posts and comments can be found here


After years of dis-disillusionment, Joseph Stack set his house on fire and flew his personal (single-engine) aircraft into an Austin, Texas federal building which housed I.R.S. offices on Thursday February, 18th 2010. Upon hearing this, MY initial reaction was something like: “Cracker-ass cracker! I fuckin’ knew it! Cracker-ass Tea-baggin’ Right-wing Jesus twat! Big, fat, mayonnaise sandwich-eatin’ cousin-fuckin’ good credit-havin’ cracker-ass cracker!” Then, I read his manifesto/suicide note.

After taking my time to read Stacks’ final words, and assuming they were republished through-out the web un-edited & un-censored, I must conclude that Joe Stack… wasn’t so bad. He actually had some DAMN GOOD points. Far from your typical right-wing piece-o-shit, Stack called out George W. Bush for the PUPPET & CRONY he truly is. He referred to GM execs as crooks and elected officials as thieves, liars, and self-serving scumbags, without bothering to distinguish between Democrats or Republicans. He correctly called out the Catholic Church and organized religion in general as a bunch of “vulgar, corrupt monsters” who make a mockery of people who make an HONEST LIVING.

This, at least, assures me that Stack wasn’t the miserable Christian fucktard I had first assumed he might be… my bad. Even though Joe Stack was a White man in his 50’s with a serious bent against the I.R.S., I didn’t see any of what I expected to see in his final words; No proselytizing of the 2nd or 3rd coming, no blaming Liberals for cavorting with the Devil, no knee-jerk hypocritical tea-bagging facist fetishism, no coded language (that I could discern). What I found absolutely glaring is that there wasn’t so much as a single mention of OBAMA! This alone means he couldn’t have been a tea-bagger – being that the common denominator amongst all tea-baggers is their monolithic, hysterical hatred of our nation’s 1st half-breed president. Excepting a few passages, Stacks’ letter made a lotta sense to me.

So I say, Rest in Piece Joseph Stack. I only that you had had a bigger plane…Like a 767. I probably shouldn’t have said that, but so what…

On Fri. Jan. 29th 2010 Aaron Campbell was murdered by cops/racist Gestapo pigs here in Portland,OR. He was 25, Black, & left behind 2 children. He was un-armed & distraught over the death oF his brother (from congestive heart-failure) just hours prior. Despite attempting to surrender, Campbell was hit with beanbag rounds by pig Ryan Lewton. A police dog was loosed on him. He was shot in the back by Pig Ronald Frashour using an AR-15 (modified M-16) military assault rifle! Campbell was left to bleed to death for more than 30 minutes until a “special tactical” unit was called in. His dead body remained in handcuffs for two days (yeah, the pigs cuffed Campbell after he was dead) until an autopsy was done.

If y’all heard about any of this shit at all, it might’ve been due to that fact that Rev. Jesse Jackson came to Portland on February 16th & met with various Black leaders in the Portland area. There have already been several protests in support oF Campbell including one headed by Jackson and members of the African American Alliance and The Albina Ministerial Alliance. I won’t continue to bore y’all with more details on this because I know y’all don’t really wanna be bothered with this shit. I know I’m the only one here on AFROPUNK who still cares about this shit, so I’ll just end the poitikal stuff here –

Rest in Piece Aaron Campbell.

Oh, one last thing – Rest in Piece Malcom X, who was struck down by assassins (who were most likely on the take by the C.I.A.) 40 years ago on Feb. 21st in Brooklyn, NY. Assalaamu Alaikum

Pop/Trash Culture

As I’ve said before, I don’t fuck with this pop shit really. So I’ll just make a few ‘shooter’ notes regarding what I see as PROFOUND HUMAN STUPIDITY.

  • Killer Whale kills trainer Dawn Brancheau at Sea World Inc., 3rd one it’s killed since 1990. Sea World Inc. mourns for two days, then decides “show MUST go on” – How’s this for an idea: KILLER WHALES BELONG IN THE FUCKING OCEAN!

  • I believe I am literally the only person on Earth who’s NOT thoroughly fascinated by the mystical half-breed wonder known as Tiger Woods. I really don’t fucking get it. He’s RICH. He’s famous. And people get all twisted b/c he fucks some blonde gold-digging skank other then the one he’s married to. WTF?
  • It’s STILL winter. It’s the NorthEast. It SNOOOOOWS. Get a shovel & get over it, you fucking crybabies, geez!
  • The Olympics suck. And, if you disagree that means YOU suck.
  • Sarah Palin is still a cunt, if you disagree, that means you’re on her side by proxy.


Now I must say, so far theatrical releases for 2010 are turning out slightly better than 2009. I’ve seen DAYBREAKERS since I wrote my first blog and it’s every bit as freakin’ awesome as I knew it would be!

I also watched THE ROAD, based off a novel written by the same dude who wrote Fight Club. The theatrical version stars Viggo Mortensen (A History ov Violence, Eastern Promises) and tells the Hella-depressing tale of a man and his son in a post-apocalyptic world where they dodge cannibals as they make their way to the Eastern Coastline. MOST DEPRESSING FATHER/SON FILM EVER, YAY! And everyone fucking dies!

Next is THE CRAZIES, a brand new re-make of George A. Romero‘s 1973 under-rated classic infection shocker. I just watched this film & I can tell you it is bad-ass! Highly recommend.

Next is SHUTTER ISLAND, which I haven’t seen yet. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and is directed by Martin Scorse (his first Horror feature). It looks pretty sick and after seeing 2008’s THE DEPARTED (DiCaprio stars, also directed by Scorsese), I have high hopes. Don’t like Horror? Then you’re a fucking dumb bitch.

If you want something more commercial, the best I can suggest is COP OUT, a new lame buddy/cop bore starring Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis, directed by Kevin Smith. Also, DEATH AT A FUNERAL, starring lots of famous Black actors who vary widely in quality. Actually, this seems to be a cheap, un-necessary re-make of a 2007 comedy with the exact same name – only with a mostly Black cast.

Be on the look-out for BROOKLYN’S FINEST, starring Wesley Snipes (New Jack City, those fuck-awful Blade movies), Richard Gere (nothing worth mentioning), Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwawanda, Crash, Boogie Nights), and Ethan Hawke (DayBreakers, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead).

A 3D CLASH OF THE TITANS is coming up and an awesome, ultra-violent new film called REPO MEN. It stars Forest Whitaker, Jude Law, & RZA. It tells the tale of a futuristic capitalist dystopia in which people pay top dollar for life-saving, machanical organs. However, should they default on payments, the organs are “repossessed” by merciless contractors. There’s also the new Tim Burton film ALICE IN WONDERLAND and don’t forget the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET re-make. Lastly, CREATION, a new film that explores the life & times of Dr. Charles Darwin, one of the greatest scientists ever. An abolistionist, too, for all you dumb-asses who somehow thought he was racist.

Assalaamu Alaikum… or not.

– Damos