The simplicity of Black Girl Magic is captured in photographer Jessica Williams’ latest series “Curls & Curiosities”

November 20, 2017

Art has always reflected and influenced our narratives. How and what we think about filters how we see, and what we see filters how we create… duh!

Lucky for us, in this revolutionary age of the “Carefree Black Girl,” a whole new standard is being set, and we are at the front-lines.

For Dallas-based photographer Jessica Williams, this new standard is just a template. In her latest series, “Curls & Curiosities”, she strips the essence of Black Girl Magic to its purest form, and the result is captivating. Featuring model twins Delcia and Alia Johnson, the project is oozing with carefree simplicity—from it’s light-jean color palette, to it’s street-style aesthetic, and all the afros in between. On top of this, her playing with symmetry and light only adds to the unrefined quality of the series that makes it the perfect ode to this natural uprising.

Not much has to be done to place Williams’ work on the pedestal it deserves, and as she helps push the mass filtering of black bodies into the mainstream, it’s our responsibility to take note and show love!

We’re looking forward for what’s to come, and check out some of Jessica Williams’ “Curls & Curiosities” below.