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PREMIERE: Gender-fluid hardcore rapper Rahrah Gabor takes on anti-trans/queer street harassment in explosive track “Kandy”

October 12, 2017

A self-described “Black, gender-fluid bitch from one of the hardest hoods in New Jersey,” Rahrah Gabor is back with a vengeance with her explosive new single “Kandy”. In the new thumping, trap-inspired track the rapper claps back at the street harassers of queer, gender-nonconforming and trans people, reminding the world that the girls have never just taken shit laying down.

“I really wanted to make something that spoke up for people who are always bullied and harassed in the street by these fuck ass men, specifically trans and otherwise queer folk,” Rahrah explains. “When that shit happened with Abel Cedeno reacting to his bullies in the Bronx, I became so enraged that I had to finish it and put it out.”

“Being a trans or gay or non-binary or woman or different, people who envy you and are ashamed of their desire and envy of you will always try you, and ‘Kandy’ is my message to these mothafuckas […] Keep thinking shit sweet and you might get fucking hurt.”

Check out the bash-back anthem below!

You can catch RAHRAH GABOR live at Sunnyvale BK 10/21/2017.

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