NYC-based rock/reggae musician JAFÉ discusses multi-cultural musical influences and transcended sound in Higher Conversations: Part 1

August 25, 2016

We explore the mind, creative process, and the gritty burrough of the Bronx with conscious, multifaceted musician Jafe. Part 1 of Higher Conversations takes you into his home where he shares a bit of his Dominican roots and the purpose behind his music. “Jafé was raised performing the afro-carribbean music and philosophies from the Dominican Republic. With exposure to Yoruba and its many spiritual sects, Rastafari, and the contradictions of modern society, he began experimenting with the fusion of these ancient sounds and electric blues rock guitar. What has manifested is a unique style of percussive lead/rhythm guitar, with the performance aspect of guitar demanding as much respect and attention as the technical, if not more.

By Sam Ramirez-Herrera/Offtharecord*, AFROPUNK contributor

JAFÉ is involved in a handful of projects, working with a multiple range of bands, artists, and MCs including international roots reggae star Taj Weekes & Adowa (VP/Jatta Records), Shareef Keyes & The Groove, JNTHN STEIN (Team Supreme), S’natra, & Adrian Lau (SRFSCHL Records); or can be found filling in on guitar at any of New York City’s known & unknown venues.”

JAFE’ – HIGHER CONVERSATIONS: PART I from Offtharecord on Vimeo.

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