NEW MUSIC: Funk-soul singer Rob Milton preaches the realities of the everyday hero in infectious new track ‘Threat’

August 18, 2016

Introducing his latest track ‘Threat’, electro-funk-soul artist Rob Milton is the answer to all our summer feels.

The Jersey-born, Virginia-based singer has issued one of the most melodically pleasing anthems I’ve heard in a while, and as his lyrics socially charge his platform, he redefines an already unique genre. Showcasing all of his talent, the singer presents an infectious rhythm, a feel-good groove, and then suddenly, speaks to the listeners’ hearts with a potent inclusion of spoken word. Transporting audiences into a blissful musical reality while he melds eras, instruments, and vocals- ‘Threat”s repetition spins a web of lyrical continuity that provides the space for both complete absorption and complete understanding of the messages of the track.

In his own words: “There’s so much happening in the world and while we are all effected by it, we’re all expected to go on about our lives. While we are watching our brothers and sisters get murdered by the police and our family members struggle from the side effects of having their water supply poisoned, we still have to work and pay our bills. This song is detailing how it feels from the perspective of a creative who is already struggling to survive and then also dealing with these unfortunate circumstances. “

Countering the depth of his message with the joyousness of the arrangement, Milton’s track is saturated in influence an experience. Featuring artists like Georgia Anne Muldrow, Roman Lee Norfleet, Jacque Hammond, Nicholas Ryan Gant, Kahlil Daniel & Robalu Gibsun- the track is given a grass-roots familiarity that is a gift to all who listens and forms a relatable call to arms oozing with ambition and ally-ship.

Short, sweet, and to the point- the track has found a fan in us, and it’s about to gather many more. Check out Robert Milton’s ‘Threat’ below. 

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor