Are You A Part of the Rhythm Nation

March 7, 2013
Are you a part of the Rhythm Nation?
I find it nearly impossible not to get up and dance when you hear Janet Jackson’s 1989 hit, “Rhythm Nation”. I would think one would be dead on the inside if this jam didn’t make you get up and move something or at least think about getting up and moving something.  The song is one of the most epic. It preaches unity and harmony among everyone. Janet was fed up and wanted social justice and voiced it in one of the most fabulous, bad ass ways possible.

The video for the song is one of the best music videos to probably ever happen. It was the finale to the film Rhythm Nation 1814 and a finale it was.  The military inspired dance video was directed by Dominic Sena and was admired for being shot completely in black and white. Black and white wasn’t the norm for most things in the 80s, let alone a pop music video.

Afropunk Rhythm Nation